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To Repair or Replace, That is The Question

One tough part of owning a home is the costs of repairing or replacing any HVAC equipment. Especially in an emergency situation, when your air conditioner isn’t cooling the house or in the winter when your furnace isn’t heating, it’s not an easy decision on whether to...

Signs its Time to Replace Your Water Heater

Water heater maintenance plays a big role in extending the life of your equipment, no one likes being stuck with cold water! To avoid being shocked by a cold shower, here are some signs that your water heater may be nearing replacement: Lack of Hot Water – The most...

What is a Mini-Split?

A mini-split is a heating and cooling system with little-to-no ductwork, and because of this don’t have the energy loss commonly associated with ducted central air systems.  They’re an excellent option for not only new homes but also for regulating the temperature in...

When it’s Time to Turn On the Air Conditioner

The temperatures are starting to rise, which means it’s time to turn on your air conditioner.  There are simple steps that you can take as a homeowner in regard to inspecting your unit before turning it on. We receive a lot of phone calls at the beginning of the...

Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon Monoxide, or CO, is a toxic gas that is created when fossil fuels are burnt. It has been dubbed  “The Invisible Killer” since it has no odor, taste, or color. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports over 400 people die from CO poisoning every year...