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Is your Heating System Making you Sick?

Most Americans rely on their heat and air conditioning systems to stay safe and comfortable. The harsh winters that hit much of the United States would not be tolerable without furnaces, boilers and heat pumps to keep us warm. A recent review of scientific literature,...

Stay Warm & Save Money This Winter

When the weather outside is frightful, your trusty HVAC system makes the winter months bearable. But that comfort comes at a cost, and you could get a case of utility bill sticker shock after an especially cold month.  Keeping your home heating costs to a minimum...

Why should you tune up your furnace once a year?

Your furnace may be the furthest thing from your mind in these dog days of summer, but it will be time to flip the thermostat switch before you know it. Have you made your furnace tune-up appointment yet? You don’t want to put it off, and you definitely...

To Repair or Replace, That is The Question

One tough part of owning a home is the costs of repairing or replacing any HVAC equipment. Especially in an emergency situation, when your air conditioner isn’t cooling the house or in the winter when your furnace isn’t heating, it’s not an easy decision on whether to...