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The air quality of your home is undeniably important, especially since poor air quality can cause harmful effects to the health of you and your family. The good news is that there are a variety of different preventative steps and maintenance which can help cut down on the negative particles in the air. Here are just a few of the most helpful ways how you can get better indoor air quality in your home.

Change Your Air Filters: All filters, especially AC filters, should be routinely changed in order to ensure that proper air filtration is occurring at all times in your home. AC filters are the most important filters to check, as they continuously filter all of the air that circulates throughout an area while cooling. Other filters to check include vacuum cleaners, clothes dryers, and kitchen vents.

Check Air Ducts: Dust, mold, and dander can build up in your air ducts overtime. As these air ducts circulate hot and cold throughout your home, the presence of these harmful particles can be circulated as well if not properly cleaned. These accumulations can decrease the air quality in your harm and cause health issues over time.

Kitchen Vents: During cooking, harmful air pollutants can quickly accumulate. These pollutants can include carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, both of which can negatively affect a person’s health. Ovens generally release high amounts of these particles, but even electric burners can release them as well. Therefore, as you cook, be sure to use the cooking vents. If you do not have them, then try to keep a window open while cooking if possible.

Control Humidity: Mold and mildew are just a few of the dangerous, particle-releasing pollutants that decrease air quality in a home. Moist conditions caused by high humidity can increase the growth of molds and mildews. They can release irritants which cause not only respiratory issues, but also other health issues, such as headaches, as well. Keeping the humidity low will limit the amount of these harmful molds and mildews in your home, therefore improving air quality.

Buy Plants: Buying indoor plants is a natural option to effectively filter harmful particles out of the air. Plants not only convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, which is then released back into the house, but they can also pull other pollutants out of the air. Plants can improve the interior design of your home as well, and there are a variety of different plant types you can buy based off of your personal preference. With nothing more than some soil, sun exposure, and watering, plants are simple to maintain and undeniably beneficial.

Maintaining the levels of harmful particles in your home is an essential part of home maintenance. Luckily, these easy steps can make a huge impact on improving the breathability and air quality in your house. Make sure that you are actively completing all of the updates and replacements necessary in order to get better indoor air quality in your home. If you need professional help, Debord’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning can perform a thorough inspection of your home’s ventilation and air intake sources. In order to optimize indoor air quality, the best possible level of ventilation must be ascertained for your home and then established.


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