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Air filters help keep the indoor air quality of your home excellent. They trap harmful allergens and pollutants, which otherwise could cause serious issues to your health and well-being. Completing regular maintenance on the units in your home is a necessary step in ensuring that your property is taken care of at all times. There are a variety of consequences that come with not changing your air filter often enough. Be sure to stay proactive with your filters so that none of these issues happen to you.


  1. Poor Air Quality: One of the most damaging consequences of not changing your air filter is the decrease in indoor air quality. Air filters are necessary in keeping your home free of harmful particles, such as mold or dust. Not only is it unsanitary —a dirty air filter will keep blowing back the same dirt into your environment— it also can become a huge health hazard. Over time, poor air quality can cause serious issues, such as asthma, lung damage, or even cancer.


  1. Increased Energy Usage: A dirty air filter is not as effective as a clean air filter. A dirty one causes your HVAC system to work a lot harder in order to achieve the same results in your home. more energy expended means an increase to your energy bill. A simple switch of air filters can significantly cut down on your energy monthly costs. Don’t pay more when there is a quick and easy solution.


  1. Reduced Ventilation: A clogged air filter limits the amount of air circulating in and out of your home, as well as in and out of the air conditioning unit. If an air filter is not clean, then the correct amount of air might not reach the HVAC system. This lack of airflow can cause your HVAC system to malfunction if not properly treated.


  1. Frozen Coils: Another consequence of not changing your air filter is frozen coils. When dirt builds up along your HVAC system, heat is not effectively transferred. If the coils are not kept at the correct temperature, they may freeze over. Frozen coils disrupt the efficiency of your HVAC units and can cause damage to the parts themselves. Don’t wait until damage is done before changing out your air filters.


Air Filter Maintenance Tips: Obviously, there are a number of consequences of not changing your air filters. It is important to replace dirty filters every 1-3 months depending on how often they are used. Completing regular maintenance is one of the most effective —and simplest— ways of ensuring that your HVAC system functions properly at all times. If you are ever uncertain about performing any maintenance on your own, be safe and schedule an appointment with a professional HVAC technician.


Don’t let a dirty air filter cause costly issues to your HVAC system and your property. Be sure to change your filters routinely in order to protect your health and ensure that your system functions correctly!