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Life moves pretty fast; one moment it’s Christmas, and the next it’s mid-March and you’re preparing for spring. With the bustle of the holidays now behind us, can you remember the last time you changed the filter for your HVAC system? When life gets busy, it’s an easy thing to forget about, but for homes with pets or in areas of high pollen, it’s especially important to regularly change your filter to keep your system running efficiently.

A dirty filter can have a variety of negative effects on your heating and cooling system, some more noticeable than others. For many homeowners, the negative impacts of a dirty filter aren’t at the forefront of their mind when conducting household maintenance.

  • Your system has to work harder which can result in overheating or, for air conditioning units, freezing up which compromises the integrity of your system
  • Dirty filters can cause a build-up of moisture resulting in mold and mildew
  • Due to reduced air flow, it will take longer to cool or heat your home, resulting in higher gas and/or electric bills

Changing your filter doesn’t always require a technician, for most systems the homeowner can easily pull out the old filter and slide in a new one. High quality filters last longer than their cheaper counterparts and provide more quality air flow in your home; regularly changing the filter in your system and maintaining regular tune ups will help extend the life of your system.