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When the weather gets utterly cold, you are left to depend on your furnace to keep your home comfortable, relaxed, and cozy. However, your furnace can sustain damage while it’s turned off for the remainder of the year.

As soon as the issue is spotted, consultation with a professional and any necessary repairs should be scheduled. Here, we have enumerated several signs that will alert you to needing furnace repairs:

1.    Odd Furnace Smells

Furnaces can produce a smell of their fuel source especially when the furnace is turned on for the first time in a year’s duration. Mostly, the odors dissipate within a short period. If furnace odors persist, there is an issue with your furnace.

2.    Difficulty in Turning On the Unit

If you find it difficult to turn on the unit, you are most likely experiencing an issue that needs to be repaired. You should not delay and risk running without heat on cold days; schedule the repairs and solve these issues for proper function.

3.    Variant Color of the Pilot Light

You should concentrate on the color of the pilot light – whether it is the healthy blue light or not. If you spot a pilot light of a yellow color or any other color, there is a ventilation problem that needs to be repaired.

4.    Insufficient Heat Produced by the Furnace

When the furnace is not producing heat or is only producing low heat – repairs must be scheduled to correct the problem.

5.    Loud and Large Noise

No furnace can ever remain totally silent, but loud and consistent noises can indicate a problem that may be serious. Repair this irritating problem as soon as you can to avoid troublesome breakdowns.

6.    Substandard Air-Quality

Your furnace system has a direct impact on the air quality of the house. A poor furnace will bring about respiratory ailments causing coughs, colds, fevers, etc. If you get any of these symptoms more frequently, your furnace may need attention.

7.    Tripping of Carbon Monoxide Detectors

If you have alarms that detect carbon monoxide, you must turn off the furnace as soon as you can and open the windows to send it out of your house. Carbon monoxide is poisonous and can result in sickness or death depending on levels of exposure.

When your furnace stops functioning properly, you’ll want an experienced professional to help make sure the problem doesn’t get worse. In Northeast Ohio, you can call Debord’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning to help you