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There are many reasons why ignoring HVAC maintenance can be costly. While many homeowners balk at the thought of annually hiring a professional HVAC technician to check on the status of all of their HVAC equipment—or attempt to do the required maintenance themselves— the cost of ignoring maintenance in the long run is far greater than the cost of completing regularly scheduled check-ups on your HVAC system. Make the smart choice and ensure that your entire HVAC system is running properly at all times in order to avoid unexpected issues occurring.

Catch Repairs Before They Become Costly: Oftentimes, a larger, more expensive issue occurs when a small fix is left untreated. By completing regular maintenance, homeowners can catch an issue before the problem worsens. Regularly change filters and clean your equipment annually in order to lower the risk of a costly repair down the road. It’s far more effective to pay for small fixes and repairs than it is to completely replace entire parts of your HVAC system —and in some cases, even the whole HVAC system itself.

Lower Energy Consumption: Small HVAC issues such as dirt, clogged drains, or even leaks, can cause your HVAC system to expend more energy than necessary, driving up your energy bill. Simply taking care of these simple fixes and completing regular cleaning of built-up residue can improve the functioning of your HVAC system as a whole. Ignoring this HVAC maintenance causes needless energy expenditure and can slowly drain your wallet.

Lower HVAC Lifespan: While it may seem like you can save money by ignoring regular HVAC maintenance, ignoring maintenance can actually significantly lower the lifespan of your HVAC system. Most HVAC systems can last a long 15 to 20 years if properly maintained. When not maintained, that number drops. Keep your HVAC system in good working condition in order to avoid having to shell out a lot of money on an entirely new system.

Other Property Damage: A malfunctioning HVAC system is not just expensive to repair —it can also cause damage to other parts of your home as well. Ignoring HVAC maintenance can lead to harmful issues that can be costly to repair. For instance, a faulty air conditioner can drip moisture on furniture and other fixtures, warp wood or even causing dangerous mold to grow in the house. Even more so, clogged HVAC air filters can leave toxic pollutants in the air, which can harm your family. The last thing you need is an expensive hospital bill due to an asthma attack or other respiratory issue.

It may seem tempting to leave your HVAC system as is —especially if it appears to be functioning properly— but in reality, there are many reasons why ignoring HVAC maintenance can be costly. Don’t let an expensive repair leave your wallet empty; complete maintenance annually and enjoy a better-functioning HVAC system year-round.