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Summers are fun no doubt however, we find a certain bliss when a fresh breeze brushes against our skin. The seasons will soon be changing as we head into the cooler months however for now we are still seeing some hot days in Ohio. We know how essential it is to have an air conditioner in your home during the hot months especially since the heat can be unpleasant and keeping cool is a matter of comfort. When your air conditioner starts acting up there’s many small or big problems that could be the cause for it to malfunction.

If your air conditioner is not cooling your home or working properly, you might want to have an experienced technician inspect the following most common issues:

  1. Refrigerant Levels & Leaks

Refirgerant plays an important role in the cooling process for your air conditioner. If your system has a leak – the loss of refrigerant in your HVAC unit will cause the air conditioner to not cool your home as it should. This makes you want to lower your thermostat to reach that cool feeling you desire. Refrigerant leaks can be resolved quickly by an experienced technician. Refrigerant leaks will affect your utility bills and is an issue you should not let go unresolved.

  1. Faulty Installation and Poor Maintenance

They say,” If the base structure is not strong the probability of a building to fall down is more likely.” If your air conditioner is not installed properly or undergoing poor maintenance and service, then you can expect problems such as: duct leaks, low airflow, increased energy consumption, system inefficiency, etc.  If you allow your air filter and air conditioning coils to become coated with dirt this will lead to a poor functioning air conditioner. Having a properly installed system is essential and scheduling regular maintenance service will benefit you in the long run.

  1. Thermostat Troubles

The thermostat allows you the ability to control your HVAC system. When you have a faulty thermostat that is not adjusting accordingly it can adversely affect the performance of your HVAC system. This intermittent temperature functioning problem can be easily fixed by amending the thermostat of your system. Incorporating a modern thermostat that you can adjust while at home or on-the-go can help you save money!

  1. Drainage Issue

Checking the air conditioners condensation drain once in a while is a great tip to keep in a mind. The moisture that the conditioning system removes from the air passes through the drain line. If the drain line is clogged or the pan is full, the water can flow backwards and cause damage to your system. This can even cause leaks in your HVAC system which can lead to larger issues such as: damage to your walls, ceilings, and even furnishings in your home that are close to vents.

  1. Electrical Control Failure Needs to be Examined

Oversizing can cause pressure on the compressor and wear out the fans leading to losing control over them. Oversizing is when your system is too big for your home or living place. To know if your system is oversized or not, check how long it runs effectively and efficiently on a hot day. Oversizing of your AC system is harmful and detrimental for your wallet.  Additionally, this can cause electrical failure or corrosion of wires and terminals.

Most of these issues can be resolved quickly by a certified experienced professional. If your air conditioner is not working the way it should give our team a call. Debord’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning provides 24/7 support. Our technicians will inspect your HVAC system and determine the underlying issue needing to be fixed! We know your time is valuable, and therefore we make it a priority to provide on-time service at an affordable price. Don’t let the problem go unchecked for too long!