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While nearly every home has an HVAC system in place, many homeowners are actually unaware of the reality about the systems that heat and cool their home. In fact, there are a lot of pervasive myths about HVAC systems that many people unknowingly believe. Learn the truth about HVAC systems in order to lower your bills, and decrease the potential of having costly damage occur to your appliances.

I Dont Need Professional Maintenance

Many homeowners wrongly believe that if there are no obvious issues with their HVAC system then they don’t need to contact professional help in order to perform routine maintenance. However, HVAC cooling systems are complex appliances that have a number of different parts inside the appliance itself, which all contribute to the HVAC system’s performance. It’s always a good idea to have a professional assess the functioning of your system and catch any larger issues before they occur.

A Lower Temperature Means My House Will Get Colder Quickly

Changing the temperature on your HVAC system does not affect the speed at which your home changes temperature at all. That means that even if you want to feel cool air quickly, there is no way to speed up the air. Instead, simply set the HVAC settings for your ideal temperature and let the system do its job at the intended pace.

I Can Lower Energy Output by Closing Vents

It might seem tempting to lower your energy bills by closing vents in unused rooms and leaving them open only in the desired area, but that practice actually interferes with the natural air flow in your home. Therefore, instead of getting cool in the rooms you want to be in and expending less energy, your HVAC system actually has to use more energy to circumvent blockages. Your HVAC system is designed specifically to cool your whole home in the most efficient way possible.

Turning My System Off and On Can Save Energy

Some homeowners believe that they can save money on their energy bills by turning off the cooling HVAC system when they are not using it, then turning it on once they reenter the room. However, that is not the case. Your HVAC system requires a significant amount of energy to turn on and off. Therefore, by constantly switching between states of power, it’s possible to waste even more energy than you might save with the machine off. Instead, it’s more efficient to keep your machine on but set it at a more moderate temperature. Consider investing in a programmable thermostat that allows you to save energy during periods where the HVAC system is not expected to be used, such as during working or sleeping hours.

By learning what your HVAC system can and cannot do, homeowners are more capable of effectively using their HVAC system throughout their home. In the future, ignore the common HVAC cooling myths and instead use the tips and advice in this article to properly enjoy the cool temperature in your home and cut down on unnecessary expenditures.